Dr. Mak Jawadekar, Advisory Board Member, He was Director of Portfolio Management at Pfizer Inc. and Vice President of Pfizer’s Asia Pacific American Colleague Resource Group. In He has extensive experience of more than 35 years includes Solid R & D , External Alliance Management, Outsourcing, Benchmarking, Drug Delivery Systems assessment, Drug Product formulation, Dosage Form, Clinical Trials Supply Manufacturing, Scale-up and Technology Transfer. He has got extensive networks in the US, EU, India other parts of Asia including Japan and China. Completed his Ph.D. in Pharmaceutics at the University of Minnesota. In February 2011, Mak was honored with an honorary D.Sc. degree from DYP Mumbai University, recommended by the President of India. He was presented with the “M.L. Khorana Memorial Lecture of the Year Award” at the Indian Pharmaceutical Congress in New Delhi, India, in 2001. Member of President Bush’s trade delegation to India in March 2006. Had travelled and represented Pfizer in various Conferences and delegation around the world.